How Many Towels Do You Need?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

What if you no longer needed towels?

We are constantly throwing in the towel, on love, marriage, family, friendships, weight loss, careers, businesses and last but certainly not least, our beautiful creative selves. So I'll ask the question again. "How many towels do you need?" The answer is simple. None. 

One of the most common questions I get from women is how do you keep going when you want to give up? Life is constantly giving us reasons to want to throw in the towel, presenting challenges and testing our natural ability to create the life we imagine living. It is easy to give in to obstacles that seem bigger and badassier than us, but there is a piece to the puzzle that is obscure to most people - You have to set your mind to win. Everyday. 

I know it is not as easy as it sounds, I used to believe that too, setting my mind to win...everyday? After digging deep I willfully hit the reset button. Reflective pause -  I still practice this whole not throwing in the towel mindset everyday. It was and is the most euphoric feeling seeing yourself endlessly and effortlessly preserving on repeat. 

The Real

You must put into daily practice controlling your thoughts. You have 70,000 thoughts running through your mind on an average day. Your brain acts as a magnet, what you think about 90% of it you attract. What we think about is usually toxic - news, negative energy, stress, and toxic situations. 

So would you like to know how I practice not throwing in the towel?

It is so simple, you've probably already guessed it. It starts with you.

  • Pray specifically

  • Hit the reset button on negative thoughts and replace it with a positive though immediately

  • Know I can

  • Forgive

  • Dream 

  • Persevere until success happens

  • Get proper sleep

  • Recite affirmations that move my soul

  • I am my own Gate-Keeper

How many towels do you need now? Right none, expect for bathing and the beach. 

It was a pleasure hanging out with you. Take care of you and talk to you soon.

Live in light and love,

K. N. -

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