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Happy Birthday K. N.

"It's my Birthday!" My personal Happy New Year. I am so excited!

I had an intention this year, no parties and no expensive vacations. I wanted something that would allow me to take some time to reintroduce me to me. I decided and have been for the last couple of days, practicing new ways to introduce self-love into my life by upping my meditation, and I have to tell you it has been beautiful. For the past couple of days I have been celebrating the rebirth of everything me. I have been meditating on a whole other level. Feeling more positive, aligned, connected and protected. If you haven't tried mediation you should. Connecting with your higher self will leave you speechless. I learn something new every time I meditate. It is one way I practice self-love.

I am also celebrating, a new look and the relaunch of my website. Bonus, I have a huge sale on the entire site. Use code: "Birthday Sale" good until Monday September 23, 2019. Help me celebrate my birthday and share the power of Self- Love, tell your family and friends to visit: and subscribe. Remember to give them the code: "Birthday Sale."

Thank you all in advance for all the birthday love.

- K. N.

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