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K. N. Jackson is a Self-Love Strategist and Romance Author who has developed a passion for helping motivate women to transform their personal relationships by deep diving into a self-made wall of negative inner-dialogue.

 In 2017 K. N. founded K. N. Ignites, LLC, an organization designed to help women deal with the sometimes overwhelming day to day aspects of life, by practicing self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love. Her motto is I Love Me.

Prior to becoming a Self-Love Strategist, K. N. spent over ten years as a college admissions advisor helping to change the mindset of countless women in the pursuit of letting go of negative emotions, anxiety and self-criticism.

Today K. N. offers her services - from individual consulting, to seminars and keynote speeches. To contact K. N., please visit her website

​"The quest to wholeness, to see your real self and appreciate the light and the dark is a humbling and very human experience. When you allow yourself, your real self to accept and love you where you stand you are living the life of your dreams."  - K. N.

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